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Todd Douglas

Hi, I’m Todd Douglas and I’m a graphic designer who transforms existing PowerPoint decks into organized and visually professional presentations.

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What Clients Say

“Thank you for taking a hodge-podge and making it look professional. I feel better about a slide deck that I was lukewarm about before!”

Director of Communications, Healthcare Association

“This is GREAT!! Thanks so much! I suddenly have much more confidence about delivering this!”

Vice President, Management Consulting Firm

“You’ve brought my vision to life! I’m very pleased with what you’ve done.”

Senior Writer, Healthcare Association

Recent Work Samples

How a PowerPoint Makeover Works

Confidentiality Guaranteed

I’ve worked on decks for proposed mergers, investor pitches and other sensitive presentations, so I am serious about confidentiality. In fact, all of the PowerPoint samples on this website are sanitized with identifying logos, text and images removed or altered. I guarantee complete discretion and privacy when you entrust your presentation to me.

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